About Us

Morse Group provides regional NSW with accounting, business and financial services. We combine more than 80 years of professional accountancy experience with a 'can-do' attitude to solve business problems and guide success.

In today's competitive and complex world, business and financial knowledge is critical. With it, you can be creative in your daily work, add value to everything you do and minimise your exposure to risk or hardship . At Morse Group, we invite you to share our accounting, tax, financial planning, human resources, IT and insurance knowledge – and use it to your advantage.

Chartered Accountants

We believe that admission to the Institute of Chartered Accountants is indicative of a well rounded academic and practical accountant

We support our cadets and graduates through the process. You know that at Morse Group the professional you are dealing with is a Chartered Accountant.

What Is A Chartered Accountant (106.4 KiB)

Financial Planning Association Of Australia

As members of Financial Planners of Australia out team of experts are accountable to a higher professional standard and bound by professional ethics. Our Financial planners have the qualifications, skills, experience and ongoing training that is well in excess of the statutory requirements.

Find out more about the FPA.