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BREAKING | Sunday Penalty Rates Cut

BREAKING: Fair Work Commission have come to a decision on penalty rates.

Key points:
(a) reduced Sunday penalty rates in the retail industry from 200% to 150% (for permanent staff) and 175% (for casuals);
(b) reduce Sunday penalty rates in the hospitality industry from 175% to 150% (for permanent staff only);
(c) reduce Sunday penalty rates in the fast food industry from 150% to 125% (for permanent staff) and 175% to 150% (for casual staff); and
(d) reduce public holiday penalty rates from 250% to 225% across the hospitality, retail fast food and pharmacy industries.

More details to come.

Recently, our very own HR Consultant, Tracey Holdsworth wrote a piece for Human Resources Media as the Career Tip of the Month. See below for some fascinating insight from an unusual source.

While I have some significant work and life experiences under my belt, there is nothing like a know-it-all teenage daughter to remind you of what is important. Miss L is at the age where casual work looks like a good way to support her fashion addiction. A local fast food chain was advertising casual work so I suggested them as a potential employer. I was slapped down in 0.1 seconds. Miss L does "not eat there, does not like their food. Have never! Will never!''. A roll of the eyes, conversation over. Financial reward was not enough motivation.

Take a moment to identify the type of industry, product or service that is the right fit for you and that you are passionate about. As HR professionals, we are continuously marketing and promoting our organisation to potential and existing employees. To do this really well, we must be genuinely passionate about the products or services our employer provides.

Success and progression in your current role – or success at interview – is underpinned by the genuine connection and engagement you demonstrate towards the product or service of the organisation. "Life is short – do it with passion or not at all."

View full magazine PDF here.

C'mon! Give Small Business a break!

Morse Group's HR Consultant, Tracey, recently penned this little piece about Sunday Penalty rates, and whether they are still relevant in the hospitality industry.

Sunday Penalty Rates
There has been endless debate and media coverage, and hours of discussion spent in the Productivity Commission and Fair Work Commission on whether Sunday penalty rates in hospitality, entertainment, restaurants and retail should reduce to Saturday (still generous!) rates. Of course they should!!

Human Resources are my bread and butter, so lets all have a quick history lesson to see why this archaic condition should change ASAP. The weekend penalty rate was introduced in 1919 – to reflect society's view that workers should be generously compensated for working 'unsocial' hours. 

Society also viewed that a women's dress/skirt hem length should be no shorter than calf length, ever.

The reality of our workforce now is that many young people and students specifically seek out weekend work as it suits them - is not considered unsocial – it is considered convenient as it fits in with their weekly responsibilities. This is the community norm in 2016.

Why should the local cafe owner or shop owner be penalised for a (nearly) 100 year old decision that has no relevance today?

Sunday Penalty rates for small employers can be crippling.

The Federal Government has promised to create the right conditions for small businesses to grow – so now is the time to action the findings of the Productivity Commission Inquiry Report released at the end of December 2015 – align the Sunday rate with Saturday.

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