Alan Morse commenced public practice in Bathurst on 1 May 1934. His vision and tenacity saw him through tough early days until his 1935 appointment as Secretary of the Bathurst Star-Bowkett Societies. The Societies had been established in Bathurst for many years, providing housing loans for low income families. This position gave Alan a base from which to offer building society finance to a bigger range of borrowers.

Peter Deehan came to work for Alan and proved to be a most valuable addition to the staff. Peter was later joined by his brother, Frank, and both men became pivotal in the early success and growth of the practice.

With the stability provided by the Deehan brothers, Alan was able to pursue his interest in local government and to develop further local government auditing expertise, which was becoming a significant part of the firm's activities.

Alan's son, Michael, joined the practice in 1964, providing new skills in organisation, management and the use of office technology.

Growth continued at a steady rate, which meant new qualified staff were recruited to widen the specialisations that the firm could provide. Alan's commitment to local government extended beyond his public practice involvement. He became an elected alderman and Mayor of Bathurst, wrote a number of books on the financing and management of local government, and was the founding, long-serving Chairman of the New South Wales Local Government Grants Commission.

In 2000 we established our consulting business, which incorporates IT, HR (including OH&S) and marketing specialties. This has enabled us to improve our own operations, as well as provide valuable consulting services to our clients.

Group offices have also been established in Orange, and the existing offices at Oberon and Baulkham Hills are now full-time service centres.

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