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We here at Morse Group like to keep everyone that comes into contact with us, up-to-date on all matters Morse Group. This is why we periodically have Press Releases, aimed at keeping everyone aware of what's happening here at Morse Group, and abroad in the wider Central West NSW marketplace.

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CPA Australia NSW President's Award for Excellence in Service and Leadership
Justin Enright, FCPA, CA, MBA and Managing Partner of Morse Group has been awarded a CPA Australia NSW President's Award for Excellence in Service and Leadership.

Glenn Ahern General Manager Australian Divisions and NSW at CPA Australia congratulated Justin for his ongoing commitment and continued contribution to the profession and CPA Australia.

"CPA Australia owes its strong reputation as a leader in finance, accounting and business to the support of people like you" said Glenn Ahern.
"Local tax expert warns 'backyard developers'
- the tax man cometh"
Paul Dowd, Tax Counsel of the Morse Group has warned 'backyard developers' to be wary of the ATO seeking to tax the gains made on subdivisions of local land.

"The application of the tax laws to subdivision of a large parcel of land into smaller lots and their sale is not necessarily clear cut in all cases. One major issue that arises is whether the re-development is one that is on capital account or revenue account" says Dowd who has many years of experience with this aspect of the tax laws.

He states that the laws might at first glance appear to be easy to understand but that is not always the case. He says "All of the cases that have gone before the Courts and resulted in a Public Ruling have drawn the distinction between what is termed a "mere realisation" and a "profit making scheme". 

Dowd says that the said distinction embodied in a Taxation Ruling (TR 92/3) is not always easy to make and, in the ultimate, depends on all of the surrounding facts and circumstances.

He continues "A major fallacy held by some taxpayers is that the length of time of holding the original parcel of land is always telling but that may not be the case in all circumstances. In a case heard before the Federal Court a couple of years ago, the taxpayer was unable to convince the Court that, even though the asset had been held for over 10 years, its sale at a profit was on revenue account and fully taxable".

Dowd goes to say "I have seen many instances where 'spec builders' have wrongly assumed that by simply waiting out the 12 month period before they sell, the gain made will be on capital account and only 50% is taxable. There is little doubt that the ATO is taking a more vigilant approach to taxpayers making gains as a result of the expansion of regional and rural areas where once farmland is rezoned as residential blocks and sold off to the general public".

He says "not all subdivisions will be on capital account and not all subdivisions will be on revenue account – there are no hard and fast rules. It is a matter of looking at all of the surrounding facts and circumstances and assessing on what side of the dividing line the subdivision falls".

Dowd makes one final point "if a taxpayer takes the view that the gain made is on capital account and subject to the 50% discount or is even outside the capital gains rules (because the land was owned before capital gains tax commenced – 1985) but the ATO take the view that it is a profit making scheme and fully taxable, the ATO will take that as a false statement and can then impose penalties that, in some cases, can be as high as 100% of the tax due".

MORSE GROUP are pleased to announce that we have made it to the finals of four categories for the Orange Banjo Business Awards. The categories are:

  • Young Business Executive (Daniel Sutton) The Young Business Executive award recognises an inspirational young professional aged between 18-35 years who has built a successful career with an organisation.
  • Business Leader (Daniel Sutton) The Business Leader award recognises the positive contribution made to business by business people and professionals. The award recognises those who demonstrate outstanding entrepreneurial spirit, strategic business direction and innovative ideas, whilst providing inspiration to a new generation of upcoming business leaders.
  • Excellence in Business (more than 20 FTE) The Excellence in Business award recognises a business that has attained significant growth and is able to demonstrate the specific strategies and processes implemented to achieve sustainable growth over the previous 24 months.
  • Employer of Choice The Employer of Choice award recognises organisations that put in place strategies and initiatives to create stimulating and supportive workplace environments for their employees. These strategies or initiatives must have a positive impact on both employees and the organisation as a whole.

The gala dinner to announce the winners will be held on Saturday February 25th, 2017.
If we win any of these categories, we will automatically progress to the finalists for the NSW Business Chamber Regional Awards.

Hopefully we can continue the momentum of the business awards at Oberon!



Morse Group featured as a finalist for two categories of the 2016 Oberon Business wards which were held on Friday 25th November at Oberon. In the Excellence in Professional Services category Morse Group were runners up. However, In the excellence in Business and Innovation category Morse Group were the recipients.

"The Oberon Business Awards were an excellent occasion to celebrate the efforts of all businesses in Oberon" said Justin Enright, Managing Partner of Morse Group. "The awards night showcased the talent and skills of all businesses in Oberon.

  Recognition of our efforts amongst such capable peers in the categories of Professional Services and Innovation is very satisfying not only for our Oberon team but for all of our staff".

Justin Enright added, "We take the opportunity to thank those who nominated and voted for Morse Group as well as the Oberon Business and Tourism Association for their conduct of the Awards and Presentation Night itself. In addition, we thank our clients without whom we would not continue to function of course. We value our deep long term relationships with many of our clients in the Oberon office and we appreciate them very much. We look forward to being able to continue to service them into the future".
 See here for more details of the night, as covered by the Oberon Review:

Paul Dowd, Tax Counsel of Morse Group welcomes new tax laws

New tax laws will remove current impediments to restructuring of small businesses. The proposed laws were introduced to Parliament on 4 February 2016 and follow on from changes announced in the 2015/16 Budget.

"The proposed laws will allow small businesses to change their legal structure without incurring a tax liability that would otherwise apply" says Dowd. He adds "they are a welcome addition to other roll-overs that already exist and will allow small business owners the flexibility of choosing the appropriate legal structure without the negative cash flow affect of having a liability to tax arise on the restructure".

Dowd has also welcomed the Government's initiative to extend the roll-over where a party to the restructure is a family discretionary trust. Dowd says "Contrary to certain comments by various observers, family trusts play a useful role in the context of running a small business and it is pleasing to see that such legal structures are not to be excluded from access to these new roll-overs".

Dowd explains in a white paper to be published on the Morse Group website that the measures will apply to businesses that are taken to be small businesses under the current rules in the tax laws and that, generally speaking will have application where the turnover of the business is less than $2 million per annum.

"There are many businesses in regional areas such as Bathurst that will seek to move to a new legal structure to adapt to contemporary conditions without the impediment of needing to meet a tax liability that would otherwise apply. This is very good news for small business owners" says Dowd.

He further says that the legislation contains integrity rules aimed at "a minority of taxpayers and advisers (who) may try to manipulate the operation of a 'black letter' provision of the tax law to achieve an inappropriate or uneconomic tax outcome".

Dowd's synopsis of the white paper referred to above can be accessed here and he is available on 6339 9200 to provide more commentary on these proposed laws and their potential impact on local small businesses. You can also view Paul's profile here.


A PDF version of the Press Release is also available below.



Phil Webb marks 40 Years at Morse Group

Today marks an extraordinary milestone of 40 Years of Service by Philip Webb with Morse Group.

Phil joined Morse Group in 1976, just after graduating from UNSW where he was awarded a Bachelor of Commerce having majored in Accounting Finance and Systems.

Since then, Phil's journey with Morse Group has been one of endearing qualities of excellence, loyalty and reliability.

From all of us here at Morse Group, well done and congratulations on this milestone Phil!
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