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2020 Vinnies CEO Sleepout in Bathurst

2020 Vinnies CEO Sleepout in Bathurst!

On Thursday 18 June, Justin Enright will spend the longest and coldest night of the year sleeping in the backyard at Morse Group Bathurst as part of the 2020 Vinnies CEO Sleepout®.

Why? To raise funds to address homelessness in our community.

This year the event is faced with a great challenge shared by so many people across the globe.

COVID-19 has meant this year the Vinnies CEO Sleepout transforms into an online event with participants undertaking a personalised experience. As Justin's team members often assert he has slept at the office it is only appropriate that he completes the 2020 CEO Sleepout in the backyard at 266 Howick Street Bathurst. 

In uncertain times with job losses, business downturns and housing insecurity your support is more important now than ever for Vinnies.

"More than 116,000 Australians experience homelessness every night, and 32 per cent are children. That's not a reality I'm comfortable with" said Justin in advance of the CEO Sleepout.

Help Justin and Morse Group fight homelessness by donating at:

This year Justin is aiming to raise at least $5,000. This money will go towards crisis accommodation options for families and individuals at risk of homelessness, case management and counselling, educational and living skills courses, health services and home packages for those people Vinnies helps transition to housing.

Donations are tax deductible and can be processed online.

Thank you for your support. We will keep you updated on fundraising progress.


2019 Vinnies CEO Sleepout

On Thursday 20 June 2019, Justin Enright spent the longest and coldest night of the year sleeping on the concrete at White Bay Cruise Terminal in Sydney as part of the 2019 Vinnies CEO Sleepout®. 

Why? To raise funds to address homelessness in our community.

More than 116,000 Australians experience homelessness every night, and 32 per cent are children. That's not a reality I'm comfortable with.

Help Justin fight homelessness by donating at:

In his third year of participating in the CEO Sleepout Justin is aiming to raise $7,500. This money will go towards crisis accommodation options for families and individuals at risk of homelessness, case management and counselling, educational and living skills courses, health services and home packages for those people Vinnies helps transition to housing.

See more on how Justin Enright and other CEO's Slept Out here.

Donations are tax deductible and can be processed online.

Thank you for your support. 


The long-running drought in Australia is crippling farming families, with many in financial crisis. 

In an industry article which interviewed different accounting practitioners, Morse Group's Justin Enright featured. 

Find out more on what it's been like for accountants working with afflicted clients by clicking here.


Well done to our very own Daniel Sutton a 2018 Western NSW Business Awards Finalist for Outstanding Young Employee. Your hard work and dedication has not been unnoticed. Additionally, Morse Group are pleased to be a finalist of the Employer of choice this year. All thanks to the team constant thrive to improve the business and work culture. 

Congratulations to all nominees!  

Pay Morse Group Accounts Anytime


Morse Group has partnered with QuickFee to offer you new ways to pay your account more easily.


A recent VISA survey reports that 72% of customers pay their bills online; thus, we have made an investment in our online presence to better suit the way you transact.

Morse Group has engaged QuickFee to build a payment portal and starting today, you will be able to pay your invoices on our website via EFT or credit card up front or in monthly instalments through QuickFee. The choice is yours.

We respect your privacy and ensure this is an entirely secure online payment platform. No information is stored by QuickFee throughout the process.

For those clients already on pre-existing arrangements, e.g. direct debit, these remain unaffected and you need to take no action.

Please do not hesitate to contact our Administration Manager Margaret Gibson at Bathurst Office on      02 63 399200 should you have any questions or require assistance.

We look forward to working with you again!


CEO Sleepout

On Thursday 22 June 2017 I will be spending a night in the cold as part of the 2017 Vinnies CEO Sleepout, I will experience for one night what is a daily reality for over 105,000 Australians.

My experience however will come without the despair, sadness, violence and isolation, things that are often tied to the experience of homelessness.

I would be grateful for any donation you can make in support of my participation – all donations will support Vinnies homelessness services.

These statistics shocked and distressed me and prompted me to sign up for the 2017 Vinnies CEO Sleepout:

• 60% of the homeless population is under the age of 35.

• More than 17,000 Australian children under the age of 12 have no permanent home.

• Women and girls make up about 59% of all clients who access specialist homelessness services.

• Between 2006 and 2011 Australia experienced a 17% increase in people experiencing homelessness.

Vinnies is actively involved in early intervention and prevention activities with at-risk groups, as well as operating as one of the leading providers of homelessness services in NSW, including crisis accommodation. This means your donations will not only provide warmth and nourishment through beds and meals, but also support the wrap-around services provided by Vinnies including education and lifeskills programs that help people break the cycle of homelessness.

I would be so grateful if you would support my participation with a donation

Each year Vinnies helps over 1.3 million people and they couldn't provide this assistance without the support of the generous public. Your support means more to someone than you will ever know. I leave you with this quote –

"This is not how I pictured my life. If it weren't for Vinnies, I would be on the streets. Alone."

PS Please hold off on any rain dancing until after 22 June! Support me –

BREAKING | Sunday Penalty Rates Cut

BREAKING: Fair Work Commission have come to a decision on penalty rates.

Key points:
(a) reduced Sunday penalty rates in the retail industry from 200% to 150% (for permanent staff) and 175% (for casuals);
(b) reduce Sunday penalty rates in the hospitality industry from 175% to 150% (for permanent staff only);
(c) reduce Sunday penalty rates in the fast food industry from 150% to 125% (for permanent staff) and 175% to 150% (for casual staff); and
(d) reduce public holiday penalty rates from 250% to 225% across the hospitality, retail fast food and pharmacy industries.

More details to come.

Recently, our very own HR Consultant, Tracey Holdsworth wrote a piece for Human Resources Media as the Career Tip of the Month. See below for some fascinating insight from an unusual source.

While I have some significant work and life experiences under my belt, there is nothing like a know-it-all teenage daughter to remind you of what is important. Miss L is at the age where casual work looks like a good way to support her fashion addiction. A local fast food chain was advertising casual work so I suggested them as a potential employer. I was slapped down in 0.1 seconds. Miss L does "not eat there, does not like their food. Have never! Will never!''. A roll of the eyes, conversation over. Financial reward was not enough motivation.

Take a moment to identify the type of industry, product or service that is the right fit for you and that you are passionate about. As HR professionals, we are continuously marketing and promoting our organisation to potential and existing employees. To do this really well, we must be genuinely passionate about the products or services our employer provides.

Success and progression in your current role – or success at interview – is underpinned by the genuine connection and engagement you demonstrate towards the product or service of the organisation. "Life is short – do it with passion or not at all."

View full magazine PDF here.

3 Tax Tips for Better Business

It's easy to get caught up running your business, especially during this time of year. So, Morse Group have put together these 3 easy steps to help give your business the edge in the new financial year.

Business Financial Health Checks

EOFY is always a good time to review your business's health. Looking at financial statements, working out its liquidity, solvency, profitability and return on investment, and comparing these results with previous annual figures will inevitably unveil some interesting insights into strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to your business

Strategic Plans

Now that we know our strengths, weakness, threats and opportunities from a business perspective we can use this information to revisit our strategic plan. This should involve an analysis of the market and predictions on future developments.

It is important that your strategic plan reflects the objectives you, as the business owner, have for your business and your personal life.

Budget for the new Financial Year

It sounds simple, but you would be surprised at the number of businesses that do not do a budget, and if you're wondering where to begin with what to budget for and how much, refer back to your strategic plan. In turn, this will highlight where resources are required and assess your strategic plans viability.


Businesses that run well use this sort of planning and information during crucial financial periods in order to improve their financial outlook. If you need help improving your financial outlook for the new financial year contact Morse Group Accountants & Advisors today.



Why bother with Marketing...

Why? Well, apart from that being an absurd question to begin with, at least you asked why.

Marketing is a discipline often overlooked by small business, and one that can at times be hard to justify investing in. However, the reality is that in order to succeed in today's modern business landscape you need to be in it to win it. How do we know this? A combination of years of marketing research, accompanied with other disciplines of study outside of marketing.

"Marketing investment can often be overlooked by Small Businesses"

The research and study come together by various means, and always point towards a need to use marketing plans that provide a blue print and structure for our marketing efforts. There are two forms of research and study in marketing I'll focus on today. The first is a by-product of countless hours of post-campaign analysis occurring at the end of [almost] every marketing campaign that has ever run in modern times. The second is a result of scientific research into neurology, accompanied with the marketer's desire to understand what makes a good or bad creative. Both forms of research and study however, begin with why.

Morse Group discuss whether YOU need marketing at all...

The first form comes from the marketing industry's fixation with planning, measuring and post-analysing the success of every campaign. This has led to a variety of post analysis evaluation methods arising, my personal favourite being econometric modelling. Econometric modelling is whereby statisticians look at all known variables that occur whilst a marketing campaign is taking place. This includes political activity, consumer confidence, global economies and current affairs as well as business growth, competition, sales data, price point and product availability (among numerous other variables). These brilliantly minded and beautiful people then break down the data, analyse it, and are able to attribute physical dollars to impacts on one's marketing efforts. That is, they can tell you to the highest degree of available accuracy, how much each dollar you spent in that TV or Radio campaign, delivered in ROI. As a result of this, you KNOW that some marketing efforts work extremely well, some are okay, and some don't work at all.

Pretty amazing, right?

The second form is that of neurological study, and the genius of one individual who decided to use it to measure the impact creative stimulus has on the brain. The basic premise of these studies is that they occur in a controlled environment, where individuals are connected up to equipment that measures their brainwaves. When a great piece of advertising creative appears, you can see these brainwaves spike. When a poor piece of creative appears, very little happens. Some amazing results indeed!

The underlying premise behind these marketing studies we have discussed is that when it comes to selling and marketing your business, giving consideration to WHY you are doing something in a particular way leads you to begin to understand what works and what doesn't in marketing efforts, and WHY this is.

It means that while your competition continue to post letters out, costing them money to design, print and distribute said letters once a month, you have the capability to send a custom email with the same information to all your contacts in half the time and at a fraction of the cost. It means that you develop branding strategies that lead people to begin to identify with your business, what you do and what you stand for. Ultimately, it means growing your business.

So, why would you bother with a marketing plan? Because you want to succeed for starters…

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